In order for government to accurately represent the people, transparency is essential.  Open meetings, after normal working hours, is a great step, but with the wonders of technology, other things can be done.  While I was a volunteer for the city, I worked on maintaining a blog for each of the council members and the mayor, which was abandonded by the council.  I also encouraged the city to begin a Podcast service for council meetings, and assisted in getting council meetings broadcasted on our local LPAM station.

I woule like to re-institute the council blog, in order to allow the council member to keep in contact with their constituents outside of the regular council meetings.  I would work to expand the podcasts to include all public meetings at City Hall.  I would like to work with our local Television providers, to include audio and/or video recordings of meetings on their services on the public channels they have.  All of this can be done in order to increase transparency to the city, and ensure that everyone has equal access to all aspects of city business.