Economic Development


While serving on the Council, and previously on the PAB, I have worked to help create opportunities for Langley to diversify its economy, and to not rely so fully on tourism related or seasonal businesses. I am pleased to see the Port of South Whidbey working to turn the Fairgrounds into a year-round facility for community activity and business development.  With the new opportunities at the Middle School campus, it is my desire to see businesses be able to incubate in this location and grow the opportunities for our entrepreneurs and our community.

I have also worked to try to lower the barriers to entry for businesses into the city.  Some of which has occurred, but more needs to be done. Langley needs to be much more willing to say “YES” than has occured in the past, re-evaluate our thinking about what business means and the impact it has, and what the city can do to make it easier for low-impact businesses the thrive within the city.