One of the more disturbing things I have heard from the community at large is relating to the demographics of Langley.  The comments range from “Langley doesn’t want families” to “It is an old-person only club”.  We must change that view and change our demographics.  There is a critical lack of available housing in Langley, as a result, the market, especially for renters, is squeezed, making it difficult for young people to afford to live in Langley, let alone pay utilities, raise kids, and work.  Encouraging the development of auxiliary dwelling units has been a critical first step in combatting this issue, but we need to do more.  We need to encourage the development of more co-housing, more apartments, more single-family residents, throughout the city, because the last thing we want is rows and rows of apartment, but properly down, they can be integrated into the community and become an asset for everyone.