Why Am I Running?

I am sometimes asked why I ‘m running for re-election to the Langley City Council.

My biggest reason is service.  I was always taught growing up that serving your community is the most selfless thing one can do.  I have the time to serve, so to not, would be a waste of resources.  I also feel that there are things in the city that still need examination, and I for one would like to see them examined and worked on to make everyone’s life better in the city.

I excel in critical thinking and look at issues from multiple viewpoints.  I don’t have a myopic view of most topic and am always open to discussion about others views and passions about these topic.  I also believe that knee-jerk reactions to outside occurrences do nothing to help our community, and only a metered and thoughtful process is best for everyone in the long run.

I have been, and continue to work to develop additional economic and housing opportunities to allow the city to remain viable, and work to build a foundation for a prosperous future for the city, our residents, and our community.