About Me

I grew up in Langley and the greater South Whidbey Community.  I attended school, church, and boy scouts.  College took me away, part time, to other parts of this country, some nice, others not so nice.  My adventures convinced me that I wanted to live here.  I returned to Langley, and began work in the technology field.  I was interested in what was going on locally, and began attending city council meetings.  It wasn’t too long before I volunteered to assist the city in becoming more modern, and began the process to modernize the equipment and processes that the city was employing.  It was through this process that I decided I wanted to get a little more involved, and applied for a position on the Planning Advisory Board.  A short time later, I was selected by the board to be the chairperson, a position I held for a couple of years.

While I the PAB, I attempted to run for city council, and be appointed mayor.  I eventually was elected to the council, a duty I have been honored to have.  It has been my pleasure to serve as the Council Liaison to the Library Board, and to wear three hats as a member of the Island County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, as a Council Member, employee of an alarm company, and as a member of a sponsoring organization of the Coalition, the Langley Masonic Lodge.

I have learned through experience and relationships that I have built with staff members, that cities do not run like businesses, and business experience is no substitute for experience in government.  I trust our city’s staff, as I know they have more experience in their areas of expertise, than any elected official could, and that is, of course, the reason the city hired them.